No light in your bright blue eyes

I'd do anything to make you stay

Marina Crowley
18 December
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"We all get to choose lots of things about the way our lives will unravel over time. But one of the first few things we are given is our name. We should be grateful for the things that are given to us, but we should also be given the chance to decide how everybody's going to call us for the rest of our time on earth. That is why writers often hide behind a moniker. I'm lucky enough to at least be in love with half of my name."


I was married to notyourshot as of August 14th, 2008 via marry_a_ljuser. I don't even know if she still loves me. I'm the Chris Faller ,the Jack's Mannequin and the A Spot Of Bother By Mark Haddon of LiveJournal.

This is quite difficult, actually. I'm Marina. I love my name. I'm nineteen. I have travelled far and lived away from all the things I thought I wouldn't miss. I like to think of myself as a writer, and then some. I'm a Sign Language Interpretation student with a penchant for vintage clothing and cold, cold mornings. I love the tingly sensation of my cheeks against the window when it's raining outside, the smell of wet soil, freshly ground coffee beans and that Johnson's baby orange scented cologne that brings back some good memories. Oh, I love it in the north. Snow season is the best season. It's something about polar bears...